About CACi

ACi has been providing solutions for creditors and consumers since 1967. We believe that a compassionate consumer-centric approach when working with people is not only the most successful approach, but it is the right thing to do.

Consumer-Centric collections is not a catch phrase at CACi. It is our philosophy and our culture. We believe this to be the single biggest differentiator from our competitors. We want every consumer, regardless of the conversation, to have a positive experience when working with CACi.  

 CACi’s “Consumer-Centric Collections” approach is a significant departure from the confrontational, “Firm Demand” approach used by agencies for decades. A longstanding belief in the overall mission and philosophy of CACi is to set the standard for the consumer experience and satisfaction in all that we do. Every representative within the organization is screened and vetted through the application and interview process to ensure strong alignment with this philosophy.

 In the summer of 2009, ACA International introduced the Collector’s Pledge which formalized this longstanding belief of CACi. Every employee of CACi signed this document voluntarily. Since that time, signing and adhering to the Collector’s Pledge has become a condition of employment and a cornerstone in the training and overall culture of CACi.

 Simply put—Compassion is good business.